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CollaVoce on MySpace dot com ~ type in CoLLaVoCe and you're there!
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This Local Indie band, known as the Hot Chick Band, is working on more independent music in the genre Alternative Rock Pop Folk music to tease you with. If you're coming to the ventura county California area let us know so we can meet your band, tap you into some local music venues and maybe do some recording or just jam it up. Amanda Watson-Thompson is always singing her local Independent music singer/songwriter self and getting involved in all kinds of Independent Musical endeavors on and off the stage and in the Theaters, Theatre for those of you who prefer the proper english.
Looking for indie band venues to demo and submit so we can play our stuff. Our music is our own genre, we have never wayverd from that. CoLLa-VoCe is a groove and sound unlike no other. A musical genre that covers the span - classic, alternative, rock, pop, folk and punk. We can play as a single singer/songwriter to tracks for your videos and films.

Colla-Voce.com loves it when you introduce us to new places to play our music and musical ears that want to hear it. Our Hot Chick Band loves playing independent gigs and events and fun gatherings. Our house concerts hosted by our musical friends and our record label RaGnarokMusic Music. The RokStop is always a source and has been a bunch of musical band jamn fun. Thanks RokStop!

Indie Showcase was fun. Thankx to the vixens for meeting us there and having a rowzing jam session full of fun!!!!!!!.......

Stay tuned this next round of gigs based off of the "MicroCube Tour" Will post it on the site.! So keep checking!!

in 2009
Come visit all the new indie bands and the musical peeps you come to see, with us :: Cold Spring Tavern (5995 Stage Coach Rd, Santa Barbara) one of the Hot Spots in Santa Barbara , where we all meet for some love with our friends.
All kinds of our musical friendies play here and we love to join in the fun when we are able.
It is a very laid back local music environment with great people that work there and an awesome bar
Phone 805.967.0066

The album has been titled and are assembling a musical concoction for the new music tracks. ContactUs for pre-orders and special musical requests.

SO .....

Thankx for Stirring the noise about the Hot Chick band, Colla-Voce. We are ramping up for 2009 and looking for a bass player. Know a good chick indie bass player, thats our musical bass player preference.

The Christmas song 'Real Christmas' slated to release next summer in preparation for Christmas 2009. This is one of the best christmas songs in recent years.The Christmas single is in the works so stay tuned for more information and pre-release notes.

Thanks to the Fans who always want us to play!!!

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