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Keep an ear out for stuff on the radio. If you've heard us out there on the radio tell us so we can link up and get more play.
After all it's you all that keep us goin'. Lovin' the tunes and lovin' us .. Love youz toooozzz...

Amanda (Direct Contact):
What can I do for You?
~ CoLLa-VoCe@RaGnarokMusic.com ~
Direct contact for band info and
VoCe-ites - working on something special for ya'll here =}~ ... -

Stacey StickChick: ~drummergirl@RaGnarokMusic.com ~
contact Stacey StickChick -


CoLLa VoCe
P.O. Box 167
Santa Paula, CA 93061-0167

NOTE: If sending in regard to the Special Limited Release
send as above with ATTN: Dawn's Lament Premier Release

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